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About Page | Ste-B2B Promotional Agency Admin Information
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About Page

About Page
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About Page - Ste-B2B Additional Information

It's About Page that is this web page Fun Topic

Ste-B2B has been rooted within eCommerce and digital marketing ever since 2008. Or for almost 16 years now, We operate from our 2 Meadow Court, England, UK offices. Our 2 offices are within seconds walking distance from each other. Our original founder and agency CEO is Stephen Blaney.

Although Ste-B started out as just a domain registrar, web host and consultant webmaster, the domain name has had several updates to suit the website content. With their current domain Ste-B2B.Agency is the latest update.

We asked Ste-B if he could provide any hints of success to other B2B agencies. Ste replied, "It's very important how a B2B agency is to be noticed as being a lead generation website. We are also major global resellers to many additional B2B agencies and almost countless freelancers."

"We also generate 5,000-20,000 organic daily visitors. Visitors create members, with members being free email contacts and the easiest leads to target. Plus, member leads are the very most likely to create and recreate orders."

Senior Admin Team

Ste-B2B Promotional Agency today boasts of having collected over 70,000 verified and active, newsletter subscriber members. Ste-B2B also hires over 60 Team Members, which include General Admin and Senior Admin.

Some Senior Admin Members have each created their profile, which includes their daily Ste-B2B tasks. Each Senior Admin Member has also published their selfie pic and contact email. Just take a peep below.


Ste Blaney

Founder + Owner

Hellen James

Senior Admin

Sarah Collins

Senior Admin

Sherena Begum

Senior Admin

Jodie Fisher

senior Admin

Joel Barton

Senior Admin

Issie Carter

Senior Admin

Emma Hughes

Senior Admin

Kelly Diaz

Senior Admin

Isabel Regan

Senior Admin

Emma Jones

Senior Admin

Jolene Adams

Senior Admin

Sam Hurst

Senior Admin

Isla Cooke

Senior Admin

Lotty Spears

Senior Admin

Yasmin King

Senior Admin

Hello to all of our visitors and members. I'm Hellen James. I'm aged 35 and joined Ste-B2B Agency during it's launching in 2008. My duties for Ste-B2B are to provide copywriting content for the 2x B2B Agencies and 4 eCommerce websites which we manage. I can prepare copy content for any type of pages or posts. Also, within any niche category. I've been a published writer since aged 18, for both poetry and short stories. I'm available for hire with more about me on https://ste-b2b.agency/copy/ web page. I truly enjoy working for Ste-B2B Promotional Agency. I also consider the remaining General and Senior Admin enjoy working here. I can always also be contacted at my email address hellen@ste-b2b.agency

A warm 'Hello' to you. I'm 32yo Kelly Diaz. I have also been with Ste-B2B Promotional Agency since the beginning in 2008. I have many daily duties at Ste-B2B. This is because Ste-B/Himself has sponsored my education on many learning courses. I have since joining our agency became qualified as a consultant webmaster and digital marketing strategist. I'm also a qualified web designer/developer. Ste-B is also qualfied in the same areas, along with he is also qualified in many additional areas. In order to direct our teams, Ste-B needs to know each team member's vocational role. I sometimes also host Ste-B2B Live Chat Support. I can also provide support from my email for any questions about any Onsite or Offsite SEO issues.     kelly@ste-b2b.agency

Hi everybody. I'm Isabella Carter. I'm sometimes called Isabel by people. But my family, friends, colleagues and now yourself know me as being Issie, I'm aged 29, having joined Ste-B2B junior admin at age 18. Almost 12 years ago now. I am able to provide huge bonuses for any order. I'm also competent to provide support or answer any queries for any campaign. This is why my daily duties involve the hosting of Live Chat Support. I also receive the most email support requests. This is due to my email address being published near the footer of the Ste-B2B Homepage. I can provide you with support instantly within Live Chat Support. Or if you would prefer, I can also provide very extensive support from my email:  issie.c@ste-b2b.agency

Hello visitors, members, clients, agencies, freelancers and affiliate marketing publishers. I'm Sarah Collins, aged 25. I also first joined our Ste-B2B Agency at age 18 as junior admin. I really cannot believe this was almost 8 years ago. Our junior admin are firstly introduced to any role or roles they have an interest with. Ste-B then has the ability to determine junior admins potential. He would then sponsor the junior team member for educational learning courses. Ste-B determined my own abilities as having the potential to study backlinks submission, indexing, pinging, along with verifying backlinks. I'm now qualified to build backlinks for any general, adult or casino niches. I can now also provide unique blog comments links - My email:        sarah@ste-b2b.agency

Hey-ya!! I'm 27yo Jodie Fisher. I didn't join Ste-B2B until 2015, Or when I was aged 22. I was invited to join our Ste-B2B Agency Senior Admin team during 2017. Or almost 5yrs ago. Before I first joined Ste-B2B I was already a qualified WordPress CMS consultant. The thing with all web developer/designer courses there are only so many modules which apply to each educational course. I've worked really hard for Mr B, however, he has also shown much effort by supporting my courses fees. Some courses I've studied have been in university, as others have been college courses. With a particular set of course modules I wanted, I needed to attend night school. You could always contact me at my email address:        jodie@ste-b2b.agency

HELLO! And, many, many thanks for reading my senior admin team profile content. My name's Emma Hughes, I'm senior admins youngest team member at just aged 23. To be quite honest I was cheated into joining Ste-B2B Agency junior admin in 2015. When I was aged 18. I'm the very best friend of Stephens adopted 21yo daughter, Erica. It was the lovely caring Erica who first got me a starting chance within Ste-B2B. Since i have learned how to process and manage orders for delivery. I'm also now able to setup and deliver both Onsite + Offsite SEO reports. Ste was no stranger to me when I first started with Ste-B2B. As I'd met him countless times previously in and I've stayed over with Erica many times - Email:       emma@ste-b2b.agency

Hi Folks, I'm Sherena Begum, being aged 29. I first joined Ste-B2B Promotional Agency 11/years ago in 2010. I joined our senior admin team in 2012. I have risen to manage both of our general and senior admin as our head of web designer/developers and consultants. I was born in Bangladesh, although my family emigrated to Liverpool, England when I was just 4/yo. It's funny really, as I clearly remember my 4th birthday party. Opening my gifts and blowing the candles out on my birthday cake. However, I cannot remember celebrating my 4th birthday in Bangladesh or the intensive Asian weather temperature. I have since grown-up and was Educated in the UK. Many thanks for stopping by and reading my Admin Profile, My Email         sherena@ste-b2b.agency

Hello again, I'm 58 years old Stephen Blaney - AKA Ste-B/Himself. Although I'm considered by all our teams to also be Senior Admin. I placed my profile last. As, during the past few years I've been spending my time directing our junior, general and senior admin teams, This means lately I haven't been that work productive, even though I do truly love working best. I'm a consultant webmaster and digital marketing strategist. I'm also a domain registrar and reseller web host. I'm a web & logos designer/developer. A copywriter and a devoted dad to my 24yo son, Jamie. Plus, 21yo adopted daughter Erica. You can contact me directly at my email address. I also enjoy hosting Live Chat Support for maybe a few hours each week:         ste@ste-b2b.agency

Why Choose Ste-B2B.Agency Promotions?

  • Consultant Webmasters Since 2008
  • Lead Generation Agency
  • White Label Resellers
  • Google News Approved
  • High Authority Domain Metrics
  • 5,000-20,000 Daily Visits
  • Almost 3 million Total Visits
  • 70,000+ Verified Members
  • All Niches Accepted
  • 60-day Full Refund Guarantee

Many, many thanks, for opening our Ste-B2B/About page. Plus, for reading the content through and viewing our Senior Admin Teams very own published profile texts and selfie pics. As a warm token of our reward for your kindness - we offer you to save the Sinium/SEO/ URL link below to your desktop browser.



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