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Rank assist is this web page fun topic

Rank Assist: eCommerce Blog 2022

Kindly read the copy content below carefully. You could always return to this page by saving iit n your web browser bookmarks. Your business success means as much to us as it does to you.

You also need to be immensely involved, playing the part of a successful website vendor. Our aim is to provide you with a series of ladders, critical to reaching the pie in the sky.

All the content below needs to be acted upon by you. Where we are seemingly promoting our solutions. It’s very fair to suggest how you would need these with reassuringly provided with our Price-Beater Promise.

You really don’t need to order from us. However, your website needs to comply with ALL the below advice – still your success is reliant on your niche, regional, seasonal, and keyword competition.

Header Tags

Please consider how adding regular content to your website causes the sitemap to be search engine indexed. It's best if the Page Title and H1 Tag are relevant to the content.

For those with WordPress CMS – some page visual editors use the Page Title for the H1 Tag. You should also only have one H1 on each web page.

Anchor Text

The page Anchor Text should also be relevant to the content. For Anchor Text, try to use a Keyword Phrase which you already Rank High for Anchor Text SERPs Rankings could be improved by using the Anchor Text in the page URL.

SEO-Friendly URL

This isn't easy to abide by with the URL SEO-Friendly allowed keyboard characters being <15. We have found URLs containing any page's Anchor Text with >15 characters incur less ranking penalties than an Anchor Text not contained in the page URL. Anchor Text SERPs Rankings could be improved by using the Anchor Text in the page URL. Page Anchor Text should also be embedded as an Image Title and ALT TXT on the page.

Meta Regions

Anchor Text rankings can also be improved by embedding your Longtail type Anchor Text phrase in the page Meta Title + Meta Description. Since 2012, Meta Keywords have shown no evidence of being rank indexed by search engines - recently, only serving to leave your niche list wide-open to competitors.

Copy Content

It won't matter how well Setup your Onsite or how powerful your Offsite SEO, both would fail keyword rankings without a website that has quality content. Being informative and riveting. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation with all copywriter content is expected. It's also desired to have each SEO Targeted Page with 2,000+ words of copy content.


Each Keyword you hope to Rank First Page for should be embedded in the copy content 2-4 times. Certainly, as H2 + H3 Tags. Rankings grow stronger still as a header title question with a solution directly below.

Pages Load speed and the bounce rate are also high on the ranking factor importance.

SSL Certificate

You wouldn't view a website ranking today without an industry authoritative issue of an SSL and all signature codes applied to each of your URLs or web pages. SSL = Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL encrypts website viewers and buyer details from unscrupulous dealers with personal, billing and additional personal or identifying information. SSL also protects from phishing and email harvesting bots.

A successfully installed SSL Certificate would change the web pages URL prefix from http:// to https://. This assures site visitors, members ,and buyers that the site is secure.

AMP Plugin

Nor, would you view a website ranking today without an AMP Plugin installed and activated on all published pages. AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Basically, AMP compresses your website HTML, CSS + JScript content. This causes web pages to become responsive.  Or for a website to respond/display on desktop, tablet or mobile devices screen resolution access.

Alexa Global Position

Site popularity over keyword competitor sites would help to increase rankings. Also, check your Alexa Global Website Position. If your position is over 1 million, this would be why you're being outranked. See directly below for our sensible costs of lowering your Alexa Global Rank + lowering your USA Rank.


Each time you add content to your website causes web bots to read your entire XML sitemap, then index your website. How often should you add content? Well, websites that add regular content would be priority indexed over sites that don’t add regular content. To fail to add regular content could cause your site to be listed as dormant or unused.

Social Signals

Social Signals, have lately adopted Google approval, which seems the Google way of rewarding website popularity. This is also a premium route of establishing branding for your website/blog/app/product/service. Google strongly approves of websites interacting with Social Media platforms. We provide 3,000 Social Signals for just £15 on our /Promo/ page - Here

Rank Assist: Ste-B-B2B Guarantee

Global below 199,999 || USA below 20,000 = = £60.
Global below 222,222 || USA below 49,000 = = £40
Global below 999,999 || USA below 99,000 = = £25

Free 1million Backlinks with all 3x Alexa Position Campaigns = = £35 value

Please view the sales banners and include your details in the PayPal Payment Buttons provided further down this page to order.


Another method of increasing keyword SERPs rankings is to have quality High DA + PA DoFollow/NoFollow type Tiered SEO Ultra-Safe Backlinks Submitted. We could also easily manage this and build, submit, verify and ping 1 million Tiered Ultra Safe SEO Backlinks for just £35.

Kindly visit our page for /SEO-Backlinks/ Here

Free Additional 1million Backlinks = = £35 value

Looking for Trending Marketing Mediums 2022?

SEO shouldn't be the only digital marketing platform we project to, however critical. The below list of marketing platforms is only some of the routes to reach your target audience. The oldest, most powerful and widely trusted marketing medium have to be family or friend recommendation by word of mouth.

  • o SEO Campaign
    o Google AdWords
    o CPC or PPC Traffic
    o Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
    o Free/Paid Business Directories
    o TV/Radio/Cinema Media Marketing
    o eBay/Amazon Listings
    o Gumtree/Craigslist Listings
    o Video/Image Marketing
    o Public Transport
    o Billboard Marketing
    o TeleSales Marketing
    o Affiliate Banner Ads
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Multi-Level Marketing

Endless Marketing Mediums

The above list is in no particular-magic marketing order. Each market medium is specific to your niche, region, and the audience you wish to target.

Nor is the list completed, as these are just some of the most popular marketing mediums. An entire marketing Mediums list would be extensive and almost endless.

Free Bespoke Consultancy

Ste-B-B2B could provide you with FREE DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANCY bespoke to your niche and region. To qualify all you need to do is subscribe to one of our Budget - Offsite Only SEO Plans - Here. With our Budget - Offsite Only SEO Plans we can target from 200-5,000 keywords and prices begin at an amazing £20/month.

Should you already have a Budget – Offsite Only SEO Plan with us. This would qualify you for bespoke Free Digital Marketing Consultancy.
To have the most options for site visitors, vendors should invent or resource/outsource for relative products or services. Some of your own daily tasks are also greater productive and less expensive outsourcing to a freelancer than hiring a team member.

Keep your eye on your market also. Whatever you find, the market leaders would have done so for marketing reasons. Seasonal, global, national, and/or local demand.  If you're not prepared with the 5 'W's,  of why a visitor should buy from you, then we'll throw you a rope...

5 Worthwhile 'W's'

  1. Who - Needs your product/service?
  2. What - Defines your product/service as unique?
  3. Where - Is your distribution Geo-target?
  4. When - Can we place an order?
  5. Why - Most websites are unproductive following 2/yrs maturity could be they lack any of the above

Rank  Assist: Alexa Global Position




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