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B2B Reseller Blog: Swerve the Mistake 9 Out of 10 Marketing Prof's Make

B2B Blogger as Killer App?

According to HubSpot, almost 80% of Internet users do their product research online. Plus, 7% of all businesses have acquired a customer through a blog. Marketing professionals all agree that this inbound marketing is here to stay and that it's the tidal wave of the future.

Subsequently, marketers' actions match neither their beliefs nor the data. Instead, most B2B marketers have left a very competitive advantage unexploited. It's as if a blind spot.

Here it is

Only 7% of brands "tune-in" via blogs.

It's an enourmous understatement to say that blogging remains our vastly under-exploited free marketing resource.

B2B Reseller Blog - Dominate Your Market Medium

Buyers have since changed their buying habits, researching any products and services whenever and wherever they want. This is where this inbound marketing, and blogging come in.

Very unlike push marketing - inbound marketing never interrupts you. Seth Godin calls this permission marketing. It's marketing that's never intrusive. Instead, information or article content marketing is there when you need it - providing you with all the information you're searching for.

Both inbound marketing and social media take many forms. But - according to a 2010 B2B survey by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), "Blogging is considered the most effective social network for B2B prospecting".

Bottom line: Effective blogs can put you in the catbird's seat

Blogs work well in the B2B sphere, and are solely suited to uniting prospects and customers alike. As you're maybe aware, B2B purchase decisions don't happen quickly just for they involve many stakeholders.

Consequently, there's a  huge demand for altered information for multiple audiences. Bloggers cater to this demand. Bloggers engage and build connections with prospects. They open the front door for meaningful interaction with the prospect by providing relevant information.

Besides, blogs' built-in / two-way communication helps strengthen many emerging relationships. In B2B, building relationships with site visitors is critically important.

At least, with two-way communication, buyers get to ask what they want. Thankfully they get the information they need. This feedback ricochet gives the customer a voice. Then this further trust and credibility expands.

But if only 7% of marketers use that feedback to generate meaningful content. Imagine the competitive edge you could gain by with B2B blog.

Exploit the Power of Blogs to Work for You

The entire power of a blog lies in its ability to connect directly with their prospect. Your content won't only be unique - it'll be ultra-unique. You can share ideas and expectations. Develop a relationship, or mitigate and prevent a problem - in real-time.

Blogs help you to deepen your relationships with your customers as you hold their concerns, ideas, and issues. This can only be done when you "Tune-in" to your prospects' and customers' quEstions, suggEstions and ideas.

Do Blogs Really Work for a B2B Agency?

If you doubt me that blogging and B2B just don't go together, I ask you to please, look at the facts below.

Many B2B Agencies blog and harvest the above rewards. These B2B agencies aren't newcomers to blogs. They've made B2B blogs a landmark of their whole content marketing strategy. And, they're establishing ground-breaking business practices.

SAP - an enterprise supply chain software provider

Kinaksis - a supply chain management company

Here are just a few companies with successful blogging strategies.

· Cisco - a provider of networking systems from routers to webinar software

Ste-B2B -  web, blog, app and eCommerce promotions

The results each of these agencies has experienced include increased blog traffic, increased website traffic and increased conversions.

To echo another statistic from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Professionals, 76% of world-class marketers employ B2B blogs. That ranks the same as "in person" corporate events such as trade fairs. Quite clearly, there's an opportunity to be hugely-exploited. But an enormous void exists.

Take full advantage of this simply neglected opportunity. And, make B2B Blogs your Killer App.

Build a competitive advantage over 9 out of 10 of your competitors - who don't use blogs to "listen" to their prospects and customers.

The B2B content marketing world is changing. You're changing with it?


B2B Reseller Blog

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