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Bulk Emails: Geo-Targeted and Niche Targeted

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Is it time for you to bump up your bulk emails subscriber list? This is with genuine, high-quality contacts who will have a real interest in your business?  Our geo-targeted and niche targeted email campaigns are now guaranteed to return zero bounce rates. This is due to our selection of triple opt-in, verified and active recipients. Ste-B2B has years of experience resourcing millions of email recipients. So, can provide the perfect boost that your business needs.

Ste-B2B provided all bulk email campaigns with a minimum 3% email click-through rate. Plus, a price beater guarantee on our like-for-like email campaigns. Simply put, if you aren’t happy within the first 30 days of your order, we will give you your money back. We have options to suit every marketing budget Because we ensure we can provide the best solution for your business needs. Such as market-leading email marketing wholesalers and resellers.

Our prices start as low as just $14.00 for your first 5,000 email recipients. We are tended to cap our campaigns at 10 million recipients. But that does not mean that we can’t provide even larger numbers of geo and niche targeted email lists if you wish. Please submit a separate quote if you would like a list of over 10 million recipients.

Before you choose your package, we strongly suggest you read the below information. This includes advice and tips on email campaigns. It is important to know that campaigns cannot be altered once your delivery start date arrives. You cannot pause these, change your content halfway through. Or, obtain a refund or reissue of the email campaign.

Bulk Emails: Campaign Advice

  1. We don’t set a limit on how much text you can write. But bear in mind that the longer your text is, the less likely people will find your call to action. Recipients could easily close the email before coming to your key message, promotion or offer. Meaning you could lose out on that all-important sale.
  2. We permit up to 3 email titles, but please keep them short – under 30 characters. So recipients can read the full title of the message before opening the actual content.
  3. Our email recipients are extensively resourced through our large network via thousands of ads. These are included in multiple newsletters for many different industries and niche targets. Each recipient is a triple opt-in. Because we ensure they are a quality lead. Resulting in maximum ROI and minimum CTR for your company.
  4. Our referrals come from a host of email providers. For you will have a very varied audience, including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. This will generally be listed in the referral type we provide. Subsequentally, so you can see a full breakdown of your audience. Ste-B2B can also provide retail and business contacts if you wish.
  5. Our Geo-targeted and niche targeted email lists include over 70 niches and 12 geo-targets. Including Aus, the UK, USA and more.

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For 30,000 Bulk Emails

1.000 Daily Deliveries

Over 30-Days

With $76 Value for Just $35


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